Canadian Emerging Oil and Gas Listing

This list includes all publicly-traded Canadian emerging oil and gas companies with quarterly production averaging less than 500 boe/d. For more detailed information, please sign up to receive our freely-distributed iQ report.
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Company Name Chief Executive Ticker Q2 2018 Production
Altima Resources Ltd. Joe DeVries ARH-V  not available 
Arctic Hunter Energy Inc.  Tim Coupland  AHU-V  not available
Border Petroleum Corp. Al Kroontje BOR-V 107
DXI Energy Inc. Robert Hodgkinson DXI-T 203
Front Range Resources Ltd.  Malcolm Todd FRK-V  128
Huntington Exploration Inc. Robert Verhelst HEI-V 26
Pennine Petroleum Corporation Desmond Smith PNN-V 5
PetroFrontier Corp. Robert Iverach  PFC-V  302
Prospera Energy Inc.Burkhardt Franz PEI-V 100
Pulse Oil Corp. Garth Johnson  PUL-V  70
Relentless Resources Ltd. Craig Kolochuk RRL-V 135
Return Energy Inc. Kenneth Thompson RTN-V  249 
Sahara Energy Ltd. Panwen Gao SAH-V 15
Standard Exploration Ltd. Tom MacKay SDE-V 48
Strikewell Energy Corp. David Hislop  SKK-V  59
SynStream Energy Corp. Johannes Kingma SHM-V  6
Tanager Energy Inc. Thomas Crain  TAN-V  7
Vital Energy Inc. Yingchuan Wu VUX-V  239
Volt Energy Inc. Lewis Dillman  VOLT-V  12
Wescan Energy Corp. Gregory Busby WCE-V  1

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