Canadian Junior Oil and Gas Listing

This list includes all publicly-traded Canadian junior oil and gas companies with quarterly production averaging between 500 and 10,000 boe/d. For more detailed information, please sign up to receive our freely-distributed iQ report.
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Company Chief Executive Stock symbol & exchange
(T=TSX, V=Venture)
Q2 2018 Avg. Daily Production
Altura Energy Inc. David Burghardt ATU-V 991
Blackbird Energy Inc. Garth Braun BBI-V  n/a
Cequence Energy Ltd. Todd Brown  CQE-T  6,334
Chinook Energy Inc. Walter Vrataric  CKE-T  4,413 
Eagle Energy Corp.  Wayne Wisniewski EGL-T  2,262
Gear Energy Ltd. Ingram Gillmore  GXE-T 7,025
Granite Oil Corp.  Michael Kabanuk GXO-T 2,217
Hemisphere Energy Corp. Don Simmons HME-V  1,053
InPlay Oil Corp. Douglas Bartole  IPO-T  4,396 
Iron Bridge Resources Inc. Rob Colcleugh  IBR-T 2,314 
Leucrotta Exploration Inc. Robert Zakresky LXE-V  3,487
Marquee Energy Ltd. William Roach MQL-V 3,159
Petrus Resources Ltd.  Neil Korchinski PRQ-T 9,246
Point Loma Resources Ltd. Terry Meek  PLX-V 768
Prairie Provident Resources Inc. Tim Grainger  PPR-T  5,146
Questerre Energy Corp. Michael Binnion QEC-T  2,016
Razor Energy Corp.  Doug Bailey  RZE-V  5,023
Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. Cody Smith SOG-V 2,138
Toscana Energy Income Corp. Josephe Durante  TEI-T 1,627
Traverse Energy Ltd. Laurie Smith  TVL-V  521
Yangarra Resources Ltd. James Evaskevich YGR-T 7,570
Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd. Craig Hansen ZAR-T 2,118


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